Steam Boiler Manufacturer In Anand

Steam Boiler Manufacturer In Anand

Steam Boiler: ECOTHERM Series

Combustion System :

In any heating system where fuel is used for generating heat, what matters most is the combustion efficiency. ECOTHERM is fitted with highly efficient, adjustable high pressure, solid injection type burner working at 150 PSIG and above.

It consists of self cleaning fuel oil filter, fuel pump, blower with adjustable damper, solenoid valve, vortex chamber, ignition electrodes and spray nozzle.

The special vortex chamber provides high combustion efficiency by thoroughly mixing atomized fuel oil and air. The combustion air is preheated by waste heat available from boiler shell which ensures better combustion and thermal efficiency.

Steam Loop :

It consists of heating coil made up of high temperature service IBR approved boiler quality steel tubes, feed water pump, cyclone separator etc.

The reciprocating pump, pumps the water through the coil, where it receives the heat liberated from the combustion and evaporation takes place inside the coils. The cyclone separator removes the escaped particles to provide 99% dry saturated steam.

Gas Loop :

The combustion blower supplies air. The combustion air while passing through the annular passage formed between the intermediate shell and the inner shell recovers the heat conducted and radiated from the inner shell and the heated air then passes through the Vortex Generator, where it mixes with the atomized fuel oil spray.

A mixture of oil mist and heated air is then ignited by high voltage sparking system. The hot gases first descend downward through the inner coil, then ascends between the inner and outer coil, then again descends through the annular passage formed between the outer coil and the inner shell and then it is finally exhausted to the atmosphere via chimney.

Automation :

Our ECOTHERM is completely automatic unit where pressure and the combustion are automatically controlled.

The burner is ON-OFF or modulating type with an automatic ignition and with photo electric flame failure sensing device to safe guard the combuston operations.

All the electrical and the electronic components and its circuits are housed in a special control panel cabinet mounted on ECOTHERM. A pressure switch is fitted on boiler which monitors the working of ECOTHERM. A temperature indicator and controller senses the degree of superheat and safe guards against over heating of coil.