Instant Gas Water Geyser Manufacturer In Gujarat

Instant Gas Water Geyser Manufacturer In Gujarat

With liberalization of Indian economy and with improvement in efflyence in the society, consumer taste, style of living, daily need has undergone a sea change. Warm Stream responded by offering fully automatic instant Gas fired Water Geysers, by joining hands with Simex of Spain. Now Warm Stream is bringing to your door steps, the most modern, highly efficient, compact, safe and user friendly instant Gas Fired Water Geyser called “APARICI”.

Salient Features

• ENERGY SAVER As no pilot flame is required, it saves upto 8% of gas consumption.
• EASY TO INSTALL No wires required. Just a 1.5 volts ordinary battery is needed.
• ADJUSTABLE POWER With the flow regulator one can adjust hot water temperature and flow from 40% to 100%.
• VERSATILE RANGE The range of operating water pressure is between 7 to 150 PSI.
• NO HASSLES The entire operation is done with the help of Heat Exchanger with large diameter tube and interior ribbing. No coil is used.
• COST EFFECTIVE The combustion chamber is thermally insulated to prevent heat loss.
• SMART & ELEGANT It's not only smart but also sleek and elegant with an attractive powder coated finish.
• DESIGNED & BUILT Using latest state of art technology in heat transfer and water heating, with only noble materials. No plastic parts inside.
• WORKING CURVE The curve on the left explains the relation between water flow and output temperature depending on the position of gas control and flow selector.

At 11 liter per Min (660 lit/hr.) flow, this heater can increase water temperature by 20 degrees C, but with 4 lit/min (240 lit/hr.) flow, this heater is capable of increasing water temperature by 72 degrees C. Turn the control knob and one can have plenty of hot water at the right temperature, wherever you want, whenever you want.